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Thriving In Complexity

Data for analysis increased.
Decision-making cycles decreased.
Decisions bring tradeoffs.
There is no have-it-all solution.
Leaders need to make choices.

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How you create is what you create.

 “If there is a bottleneck in organizational creativity, might it be at the top of the bottle?”  Scott Cook, Intuit cofounder

Higher education is in one of the most impactful roles in American society and its courageous leaders are transforming the business of higher ed.

Fortunately, the business world is looking to partner with education yet they will create their own learning solutions when higher ed doesn’t keep pace . . . 10 corporate examples you may already know:

Google Career Certificate
McDonald’s Hamburger University
Apple University
Disney University
MGH Learning Laboratory 
Business Made Simple University
JetBlue University 
Boeing Co. Leadership Center
Kettering University 
Deloitte University

#1 Tool of Transformative Leaders = Innate Creativity

Learning Agility Requires Creativity

The business world is looking to higher education to prepare students with “future ready skills” AND the ability to thrive in a society we cannot predict = creatively combining what they already know with what they are learning.

“The question is what should be done at the local, state, and federal level to support and enable schools to develop students — especially those from poor communities—to enter the workplace with the skills to be successful in the workplace of the future.”  Michael Fischer, Sysco vice president of global talent management

Lieberman, M. (2021, March 2). Top U.S. Companies: These Are the Skills Students Need in a Post-Pandemic World. Education Week, Future of Work.


Higher Education Execs

How much innovation do we need?

Breakthrough with a lot of risk or incremental with less risk?

How fast do we need innovation?

Rapid with low sustainability or slower with high sustainability?

“It is on us as educators and employers to help frame these skills—whether learned deliberately or because of one’s circumstances—and further develop the learning agility that these skills enable.” 

Telva McGruder, General Motors chief of diversity, equity, and inclusion



How Ready Are You for Students of an Unknown Tomorrow? 

74% of College Presidents

Their institution needs to make fundamental changes in its business models, programming, or other operations.

Source: Inside Higher Ed’s 2021 Survey of College and University Presidents

Coming to Higher Ed Soon

Are You Ready?

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The Business World


CEOs Concerned

With a shortage of key skills to grow their business, leaders need to continue to make the case to employees about the need to upskill and embrace change.

Source: PwC Hopes and Fears 2021 Survey



US workers  are more confident they can adapt to new technologies (60%). Young and older workers (66% and  60% respectfully) are ready to retrain or learn new skills.

Source: PwC 24th Annual Global CEO Survey

The Business of Higher Ed



Their institution needs a shared governance process that allows for speedier decision making. 

Source: Inside Higher Ed’s 2021 Survey of College and University Presidents 



Faculty members understand the challenges confronting the institution and the need to adapt.
Source: Top Hat Field Report: 3,052 College Students on the Good, the Bad and Learning Post-Covid, April 2021


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