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Turns Resistance Into Productive Energy


Sees Challenges As Opportunities


Have A Coach


Higher Ed Is Changing


More Students
New Donors
Clear Strategy

Be Transformative



NORDIC Students say maintaining their well-being represents a concern

Connected Student Report, 2nd edition ( and The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2021)


U.S. Tenured faculty moved up their retirement date

On The Verge of Burnout (Fidelity & Chronicle of Higher Ed, 2020)


U.S. Workers want to update their skills

The American Upskilling Study (Gallup & Amazon, 2021)

Quickly Turn Challenges Into OPPORTUNITIES

We've Got The Framework
We're Committed To Your Success
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of employees see purpose as a way to bring meaning to their work. 

Putting Purpose to Work Survey (PWC, 2016)

but only 15% FEEL

My purpose is fulfilled by work

Individual Purpose Survey (McKinsey & Company, 2020)

Be Transformative

1 Framework

3 Steps



Easily Seize Opportunities Using Coaching Techniques

Book A Clarity Call

  1. Schedule
  2. Attend the meeting
  3. Share your goals
  4. Help us understand your needs

Receive A Proposal

  1. Work with the coach
  2. Define exactly what you need
  3. Set the coaching scope that works for you

Be Transformative

  1. Crystal clear communication
  2. Winning strategy defined
  3. Operating at your best
Exponential Change

Transformative Leaders


  • Ask a LOT of Questions
  • Attract GREAT Ideas
  • Get MORE Done
  • GROW Their Institutions

Strengthen your transformative skills with LJ Coaching.  Become the transformative leader you are meant to be.

Build In Resilience With COACHING

Transformative leaders use language with the intention to discover what they don’t know.

  • They listen to connect.
  • They build cultures of trust.
  • They’re expanding their impact.
  • They’re ensuring their organization learns to thrive.

How well are you accomplishing all this?

LJ Coaching can help. We’re more than a bundle of services and definitely not a paid-for best friend. This is serious business, there’s a lot at stake, and we need you to keep your doors open for future students.

  •  Our caching is confidential
  • You have an unbiased, fully engaged sounding board
  • You find new opportunities and new solutions

ROI Is Measurable


Attract More Students

  • Lead with a future-forward emphasis
  • Use meaningful metrics to support focus
  • Clarify the organization's primary purpose; spread the word

Save Time & Accomplish More

  • Reduce miscommunication with Level III Conversation techniques
  • Simplify accountability issues with coaching language & systems
  • Update your Leadership Narrative, clarify your personal boundaries

Services & Pricing

  • Affordable
  • Measurable ROI
  • Retainer Model Packages

Transformative Leaders Know On-Going Development Is Key


DONE - 1 Year of Faculty & Leadership Development

(Created by an educator for educators)

Pre-Done Templates
Easily Customizable
1 Full Year

Save Time

We're Committed To YOUR Success.

  • Reduce resistance
  • Achieve goals quickly
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Lead with confidence

Your success is your community's success.

Why Choose LJ Executive Coaching

Trusted & Experienced

Dr. LJ knows higher ed and is a  professionally trained coach

  • Taught by Thomas Leonard, the ‘Father of Coaching’ and his original team
  • Longtime ICF member
  • 15+ years specializing in coaching academic leaders
  • 20+ years in higher education – administration, academic senator, associate professor
Advance Your Career

√  What do you want?  

√  What do you need?  

LJ Coaching provides support in developing and clarifying your personal primary purpose and boundaries. It’s an enlightening endeavor!

Join other courageous leaders in creating results where the output really is greater than the sum of its parts.

New Position: Execute the First 3 Days Flawlessly

Most newbies will never know how much time they could save if they strategically planned their First 72 Hours. Establishing your identity for a new position begins immediately. One tiny misstep, one misspoken word can halt the momentum inherent to a new position.

The 90-day plan is about getting comfortable in your new position. The First 3 days establish your executive presence so you can execute the 90-day plan flawlessly.

  • How clear and compelling is your leadership narrative?
  • How will you manage blindspots now that relationship dynamics have changed?
  • What are your boundaries? What line won’t you cross?
  • How will you establish accountability within the existing system?

As your trusted partner, LJ Coaching helps you lead with confidence.

Create Thriving and Resilient Teams

Build something where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  • Enable your people’s ability to communicate.
  • Support their capacity to collaborate.

Transformative leaders help their teams by establishing environments where living in or with the unknown becomes re-energizing, it’s exciting. They establish a culture where curiosity is welcome, and the exchange of ideas is encouraged.

But is this enough? Mega-successful leaders know the organization’s compelling story becomes their competitive edge.

They co-create language with words that build worlds. Their meanings become context and percolate into the organization’s compelling story – the story that every stakeholder remembers

What is the compelling story your stakeholders remember?

Clarify Your Leadership Narrative
  • Looking to enroll more students?
  • Attract more funding?
  • Find innovative solutions?
  • Align your people?

Then you need a compelling leadership narrative.

Why? We know mental models often interfere with moving forward, especially through change.

A strong, clear narrative signals stability in the midst of messy change.  Not all will agree with you, yet they will have a beacon from which to navigate.

A compelling leadership narrative is a memorable story:

  • easy to remember
  • aligns with the organization’s purpose
  • defines boundaries you won’t cross

Lastly, a compelling leadership narrative helps stakeholders align their own mental models. This is how you generate intrinsic motivation to take action.

LJ Executive Coaching helps you find your story.

Save Time & Money

Save Time     LJ Executive Coaching supports you and your team in using LVEL III CONVERSATION methods.  Move beyond debate, silo agendas, and resistance. Instead, channel all that wasted energy into creating lots of new ideas and fast-track the institution to new solutions.

Save Money     Maximize existing resources, especially skills and talents. Create environments conducive to impromptu conversation and cross-pollination of ideas.   The ROI is measurable and the VOI is priceless!





Coaching Beyond Artificial Intelligence

A.I. helps with learning new behaviors and discovering blind spots.  It’s actually a great intro to coaching.

LJ Coaching takes you beyond entry-level coaching into the world of professional executive coaching where the stakes are higher and measuring ROI is a must.

  • LJ Coaching gives clients the tools they need to create a vision that actually aligns people with their purpose and generates intrinsic motivation.
  • Transformative leadership skills can be learned and are more easily honed with our coaching model designed for higher ed.

How transformative are you?  Download our free quick quiz.

4 Pillars of Transformative Coaching

4 Pillars

Simplify Leading and Development

  1. Creativity unlocks the doors to innovative ideas and new solutions
  2. Coaching builds trust and strengthens accountability
  3. Conversation at Level III lets leaders build toward their vision knowing the result will be greater than the sum of the parts
  4. Change is an advantage and opportunity for building the future

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