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Creative leaders have the ability to take an innovative approach to problem-solving and utilize new ideas generated independently and collectively with others to inspire change and take action.

Lum, J. (2022, July 14).  How To Embody Creativity In Leadership. Forbes

Inspiring Leaders Get Results

More Students
New Donors
Clear Strategy

Maximize Outcomes with Creativity Centered Development



U.S. Educators specified additional professional development as the top solution for creative problem solving


U.S. Educators perceive current education policies hurt more than help educators’ ability to nurture creative problem solving skills


Educators believe better ways are needed to integrate creative problem solving into their curricula 

Creative problem solving in schools: Essential skills today’s students need for jobs in tomorrow’s age of automation. (Adobe, 2018).

Quickly Close Gaps

Using Creativity Centered  Development

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Close The Gaps

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2022 Report


Say institution must fundamentally change business model or other operations


Rate IN-PERSON courses as excellent


Rate HYBRID courses as excellent


Rate FULLY ONLINE courses as excellent

College Presidents Confident, With an Asterisk. (Insid Higher Ed, 2022, Mar)

“Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” —George Kneller

Lum, J. (2022, July 14).  How To Embody Creativity In Leadership. Forbes

Creativity Attracts

Transformative Leaders


  • Ask a LOT of Questions
  • Attract GREAT Ideas
  • Get MORE  Done
  • GROW Their Institutions

Strengthen your transformative skills with LJ Coaching.  Become the transformative leader you are meant to be.

Build Confidence With COACHING

Transformative leaders still ask tough questions, yet their intention is to discover new possibilities.

  • They listen to connect.
  • They build cultures of trust.
  • They’re expanding their impact.
  • They’re ensuring their organization learns to thrive.

How well are you accomplishing all this?

LJ Coaching can help. We’re more than a bundle of services and definitely not a paid-for best friend. This is serious business, there’s a lot at stake, and we need you to keep your doors open for future students.

  •  Our caching is confidential
  • You have an unbiased, fully engaged sounding board
  • You find new opportunities and new solutions

Be Transformative

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Easily Seize Opportunities Using Coaching Techniques

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  4. Help us understand your needs

Receive A Proposal

  1. Work with the coach
  2. Define exactly what you need
  3. Set the coaching scope that works for you

Be Transformative

  1. Crystal clear communication
  2. Winning strategy defined
  3. Operating at your best

Creative leadership is one of the core leadership skills and will differentiate a great leader from a good one.

Lum, J. (2022, July 14).  How To Embody Creativity In Leadership. Forbes

Transformative Leaders Know On-Going Development Is Key


DONE - 1 Year of Faculty & Leadership Development

(Created by an educator for educators)

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Save Time

We're Committed To YOUR Success.

  • Reduce resistance
  • Achieve goals quickly
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Lead with confidence

Your success is your community's success.

4 Pillars of Transformative Coaching

4 Pillars

Simplify Leading and Development

  1. Creativity unlocks the doors to innovative ideas and new solutions
  2. Coaching builds trust and strengthens accountability
  3. Conversation at Level III lets leaders build toward their vision knowing the result will be greater than the sum of the parts
  4. Change is an advantage and opportunity for building the future

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