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Transformative Leaders

Use Coaching Language

Many leaders will never know how good their people really are.  With a simple shift in questioning style combined with a little practice, leading through the complexities of change is easier.

The secret is using coaching language.

Here’s the really good news:

⇒  You don’t have to be a coach to use coaching language.

⇒   Learning coaching language costs nothing – it’s FREE!

⇒ You can even measure the ROI for the investment of  your time.

Attract Students & Funding

Purpose driven and future-forward focus with metrics to support

Accomplish More & Save Time

Level III conversation reduces miscommunication and aligns the organization

Get Your Story Straight

A clear, authentic, and transparent leadership narrative inspires and compels action

Eliminate Blind Spots

Discover more opportunities & stress less

Who Is Coaching For

Anyone in a leadership position.  

Anyone serious about making an impact. 

Transitioning Into A New Position: First 3 Days

Most newbies will never know how much time they could save if they strategically planned their First 72 Hours.

Establishing your identity for a new position begins immediately. One little misstep, one misspoken word can halt the momentum inherent to a new position. The 90 day plan is about getting comfortable in your new position.

The First 3 days establishes your executive presence so you can execute the90 day plan flawlessly.

  • How clear and compelling is your leadership narrative?
  • How will you manage blindspots now that relationship dynamics have changed?
  • What are your boundaries? What line won’t you cross and how will you establish accountability?

Transparency is important; it is part of the trust pact. But there are some things you just should not share with a new boss or new team.

An executive coach is a trusted partner who listens and provides impartial feedback.

Teams Intent On Thriving

Building something where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts is steeped in co-creative processes.  Our ability to communicate, capability to collaborate, and the passion we bring are fundamental to innovative solutions.

Future-forward leaders help their teams by establishing environments where living in or with the unknown is re-energizing and exciting.  They establish a culture where curiosity is welcome, and the exchange of ideas is encouraged

But is this not enough?  Mega-successful leaders develop and support culture specific language for their co-creating teams.  They know the meanings are context and culture specific and thus become the organization’s competitive edge

The words used to co-create the language percolate into the organization’s compelling story – the story that stakeholders remember.  Get started today with the FREE College Story Framework

Leaders Moving Beyond A.I. Coaching

Creativity is inherently human and defies logic.  

A.I. can help with learning new or shifting old behaviors.  LJ Coaching moves you beyond entry-level coaching into the world of professional executive coaching. 

Why bother?  Leaders looking for long-term financial sustainability must search in uncharted waters for undiscovered opportunities. Future-forward leaders tap into their own creativity, embrace the ideas of others, and synthesize the mixture into strategy and tactics for thriving in the future.

How creative are you?  It’s your ‘secret sauce’ for closing gaps. 

LJ Coaching moves clients beyond pure logic and into an ocean of opportunity where creativity supports the innovative solutions taking us into the future.  

College C-Suite
Enroll more students.  Attract new funding.  Eliminate gaps.

An environment for collaboration is instrumental in moving an organization forward when ‘change’ is constant.  Level III Conversation (more common in the worlds of entrepreneurs and creatives) increases the likelihood of success to creating innovative solutions, especially ensuring long-term financial sustainability.

A FREE idea for you. Observe your next meeting with an objective eye: which conversation level is most evident at the meeting?

Level I  Transactional Conversation – centered around confirming what we know. Meeting atmosphere reflects sharing information to keep people in the loop, lots of telling and asking, and just give me the facts. People in attendance listen to protect what they know to be true.

Level II  Positional Conversation– centered around persuading and influencing others. Meeting atmosphere reflects over-repetition of viewpoints in an effort convince. People in attendance listen to accept or reject ideas. “Have to” attitude.

Level III  Transformational Conversation– centered around discovering what we know.  Meeting atmosphere reflects sharing and discovering, idea flow, everyone contributes to conversation. People in attendance listen to connect ideas and co-create. “Get to” attitude.

A Transformative Leadership Style using Level III Conversation can be developed and is easier to implement using a MEGA PURPOSE.  Fortunately, it’s not hard to learn!  Let’s chat and start closing gaps at your place.

Leaders Team Success

Why LJ Coaching

Save Time & Money

Save Time     CCC supports you, the team, or you and the team in shifting to Level III conversation.  Fearlessly combine re-energized creativity with intuition, new ideas, and what you already know to be true – fast track to new solutions

Save Money     Maximize existing resources, especially skills and talents. Use existing resources to create an environment conducive to innovation.

Advance Careers Use CCC’s FREE framework to get started and stay organized.  Support creativity development in others and raise the conversation level throughout the organization. The ROI is measurable and the VOI is priceless!

Advance Your Career

√  What do you want?  √  What do you need?  √  What is your MTA to keep you going?

CCC provides support in developing and clarifying your Massively Transformative Aspiration (MTA) – the magic ingredient often completely overlooked.  Operating with a clearly defined MTA places you in a position truly conducive to future-forward leading. Your unique MTA creates the umbrella under which alignment occurs for you, your family, and the people you lead.

Join with other courageous leaders prepared to create something where the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts – these are the leaders making a noticeable difference.

Start with celebrating your journey with the FREE Personal Roadmap.

Clarify Your Leadership Narrative
Looking toenrollmore students? Attract morefunding? Find innovativesolutions? Do you have a compelling story?

Why the story so important. We know mental models often interfere with moving forward, especially through change. Current neuroscience research provides us a better understanding of why this occurs and what we can do about it.

When enrolling more students is a goal, wrap your mission in a compelling story to help potential students align their mental modals with the college’s.  

CCC helps you find your story and the language of your college’s culture. Use the FREE College Story Framework to get started.

Dr. LJ is Experienced in Higher Ed & Formally Trained in Coaching

Longtime ICF Member

20+ Yrs In Higher Ed – admin and faculty

15+ Years Specializing in Coaching C-Suite Leaders



New Deans: The First 3 Days

72 Hours of Opportunity You Will Never Get Back
  • Confident
  • Clear Boundaries
  • Compelling Leadership Narrative
  • Creative strategy gets you to the 90 Day Plan
FREE pdf coming soon.Tips and check list – no tricks!  Topics steeped in actual coaching scenarios brought to sessions by new deans.  Solutions offred are based on science with research sources included.

Deans & Teams

Save Time, Expand Capacity, & Maximize Resources You Do Have
  • Build Confidence
  • Close Gaps
  • Leverage Change
  • Design Culture Positive Environments


  • Save Time
  • Build Confidence
  • Creative Strategy


  • Free
  • It’s Your ‘Edge’
  • Can Be Developed


  • Level 3
  • Co-Creative
  • Future-Focused


  • Ocean of Opportunity
  • Ideas & Innovation
  • Close the Gaps



Identified as the most important CEO leadership quality **


Advancements in technology are already affecting “our identity and all the issues associated with it: our sense of privacy, our notions of ownership, our consumption patterns, the time we devote to work and leisure, and how we develop our careers, cultivate our skills, meet people, and nurture relationships” ** 

Higher Education

College leaders are in one of the most impactful roles in American society **

Creative Genius

Kindergarteners  98% **

Adults  3%  **

FORTUNATELY we can boost creativity and close innovation gaps.

Research suggests experience, play, and practice are crucial to generating ideas. Science now shows different parts of our brains working as different thinking processes (divergent / convergent, intuitive / analytical) are used to combine new and old ideas to achieve something innovative.How creative are you?

Download the short Creativity Assessment now.





Embrace . . . Level III Conversation

4 Easy Tips

  • Commit to seek a mutual purpose
  • Recognize the purpose behind the strategy
  • Invent a mutual purpose
  • Brainstorm new strategies.
Embrace . . . Keep Communication Simple
  • Keep messaging simple
  • Be clear and concise
  • Activate ALL 4 cognitive processes using story
Embrace . . . Helping your people save brain power

Conserve Energy – make listening & learning easier on your people. Remember the brain is less than 2% of our body mass yet uses around 20% the body’s total energy


Avoid  . . . sending flurries of emails

72% of employee emails are unimportant; 60.8% of employees ignore emails at work


  • Avoid . . . just stating company strategy 72% 72%

72% of employees don’t have a full understanding of the company’s strategy

  • Avoid . . . only communicating from your office 74% 74%

74% of employees have the feeling they are missing out on company news; go  and mingle with them


             Sea of Chaos  OR   Ocean of Opportunity

     Avoid   OR   Embrace

Maintain   OR  Innovate

You get to chose. It’s your perception.

Faculty Accountability

Empowering Deans To Expand Capacity While Supporting Faculty And Students
  • Grading Issues: faculty add ONE SIMPLE TOOL to the syllabus that saves them time and reduces the number of student/faculty/dean meetings
  • Evaluations: positive and productive accountability conversations; maintaining faculty engagement, receptiveness, and resourcefulness with ONE SIMPLE ADDITION to SMART objectives
  • Faculty Development: online anytime modules, small group webinars, support materials

FREE pdf coming soon.Tips and check list – no tricks!  Topics steeped in actual coaching scenarios brought to sessions by new deans.  Solutions offred are based on science with research sources included.

Career Services

Helping CS Close Gaps Between the Classroom and the Real World
  • Presentations:  engaging & interactive for students or faculty
  • Learning: dispelling common myths
  • Interviewing Insights: linking what students know to what employers want – WIFM is still a reality

Life Re-Structuring & Identiy Bridging

Purpose Forward Program

Retiring or retired, you’ve devoted around 1/3 of your life to your career and anticipate enjoying retirement.

BUT there’s a problem: personal identity shifts a lot more unpredictably than imagined.

When you’re ready, the Purpose Forward Program supports  you in life restructuring and identity bridging.  Our client stories are similar to what researcher Teresa Amabile at Harvard Business School found. **

Within 3 months to 3 years of retiring, traveling, and golf, retirees move beyond the novelty of retirement into wondering ‘What’s next?”  Suggestion:  see how clearly and succinctly do you answer these 2 questions:

  • What is YOUR purpose for being?
  • What is YOUR aspiration?  (What will you breathe life into with your passion?)

Check out our most popular Life-Restructuring and Identity Gridging package.  Not sure, book a Clarity Call!

Free Resources

Personal Narrative (PN)

Begin with celebrating your wins. Discover the threads of skills and talents that pull together your fabric of success.

Because browers affect the ability to fill-out the Personal RodadMap digitally, page 2 is a print friendly version that can also be exported to MS Word. 

Get the STORY Straight

Uniting organization stakeholders becomes easier when you share a  consistently compelling yet flexable  story. Creating a mega transformative aspiration provides the large scope within which stakeholders link their personal aspirations.  Touch their hearts and emotions and make a significant difference.

The New C-Suite

Coaching+Creativity+Conversation+Change. Let’s join together in making a difference.

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