Make a Bigger Difference

Promotion seems elusive

Clarify your leadership narrative.

Momentum appears stalled

Use Level 3 Conversation & elevate everyone.

Direction feels hazy

Relax, tap into creativity, & share ideas.

Life/work balance is complicated

Simplify the complexities with an executive coach.

Making a Bigger Difference


Accomplish More
Advance Career
Life/Work Balance
3 Narratives 1 Framework
START HERE Personal Narrative

Create your Personal Journey Map

1.  REFLECT: consider WINS you have experienced.  Note which of your talents and skills were particularly outstanding.

2.  BOUNDARIES: define and clarify the ones you will NOT cross.

3.  PURPOSE: now define and clarify your Personal Purpose.  Hint: what is your unique and personal ‘WHY’

4.  WRITE: organize into a paragraph, practice what you wrote out loud, and revise until the words ‘feel’ right and flow easily.

+3 Steps for a Leadership Narrative

Start with your Personal Narrative

1.  CLARIFY: what are the organization’s purpose, goals, and boundaries? Caution:  mission and goals are not typically the same as purpose.

2.  ALIGN: consider how the organization’s purpose and boundaries support your Personal Narrative.

3.  WRITE: organize everything into a paragraph, practice out loud, and revise to make it your own.

+2 Steps for an Advanced Leadership Narrative

Make your Leadership Narrative MEMORABLE

1.  STORY: identify ONE story that supports your Leadership Narrative.

2.  WRITE wrap your Leadership Narrative in this story and then practice, practice, practice.  Revise until YOU feel authentic.

Hint:  first become accustomed to using your Advanced Leadership Narrative (ALN), then identify other stories within which to wrap your narrative.

Know Your Personal Purpose . . .

it’s the ‘why‘ you get up every day; an alarm clock is the ‘what’ gets you up.

Boundaries . . .

define what lines you will NOT cross prior to a crisis.  Be authentic.


Level 3 Conversation . . .

encourages feelings of ‘I belong’ and ‘I am valued’  and trust increases.

Level 3 Conversation . . .

supports sharing and discovering that opens us to broader insights and wisdom. 

increase INFLUENCE


Creativity . . .

is something we all have. Regular practice strengthens our creative ability.

Creativity . . .

flows more easily when we’re relaxed. Demanding impedes a creative process.


Trained Coaches . . .

ask questions from a perspective of curiosity to move you beyond your comfort zone.

Trained Coaches . . .

take you beyond AI learning scripts. AI is good, a seasoned coach is better.

Make a Bigger Difference

Game Changer

Use Level 3 Conversation

Elevate Everyone



Level 1


  • Low Trust
  • Informational Power

When misapplied, this Tell-Yell-Sell Syndrome is about listening to protect and impedes healthy information exchanges.

CTA for Development: 
Practice fostering more give-and-take conversations.



Level 2


  • Conditional Trust
  • Defend what I/We know

Personal power is used to ‘win’ others over to our viewpoint.  We tend to ask questions for which we already know the answers.

CTA for Development:
Shift to a curiosity mindset when asking more people more questions.



Level 3


  • High Trust
  • Discover what I/We don’t know

Listening to connect is fundamental to mutual success. Too much ideation and exploration can overshadow the need for execution.

CTA for Development: 
Practice asking questions for which you have no answers.


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Why Would So Many People Let Work Define Their Purpose?

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Clarify Your Purpose

Mindful thinking plus focus will help define your Personal Purpose.

An executive coach gets you there faster with more clarity.

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